Support Government Organizations

NC Network supports Japanese and Vietnamese agencies and organizations in supporting industry development programs.

From Japan's side
- NC Network is currently the reliable unit for professional support of Saitama, Osaka and Kouchi provinces, supporting trade activities, finding suppliers, etc. of businesses in these provinces in Vietnam. - NC Network regularly receives projects to organize business matching for local enterprises from Saitama, Osaka, Nagoya, etc. with Vietnamese enterprises.

From Vietnam's side:
- NC Network connects enterprises with supporting industry development programs of the Government and localities, typically Hanoi city (participating in exhibitions, organizing training sessions, building databases, etc.)

Realization of the program:

Kết nối giao thương tương laiNC Network22/12/2020Đã kết thúc
[Osaka] Chương trình giao thương trực tuyến Việt - Nhật 2021Nc Network22/12/2021End

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