President's Message

Message from the president of NC Network, Our business aims to become the unit to be used whenever someone in the world has a desire to create products of the manufacturing industry.We promote the spirit of manufacturing (Monozukuri) built by the Japanese to the world through a global network of links. All creative inventions such as automobiles, space stations, solar power systems (as in sci-fi movies) are made by manufacturing enterprises. With the desire to serve those manufacturing enterprises, we develop various services such as business information, posting opportunities - applying for orders, recruiting personnel, economics, etc.. Thereby, NC Network's headquarters (NC Network in Japan, FNA China, NC Network Vietnam, NC Network Asia, NC Network America, NC Network Europe) are making efforts to open up a worldwide business network. .January 1, 2018 NC Network Co., Ltd. Yasuo Uchihara, President



Story of NC Vietnam

We work to support manufacturing businesses around the world with the world's #1 network of manufacturers.

Mission For the development of the manufacturing industry

Core values For the development of the manufacturing industry

Vision Foward to 100,000 member enterprises in 2030

Action way ALL ARE PARTNER Always work with the attitude of SERVICE and Grateful

Behavioral culture

NC Network always keeps in mind that every action comes from SERVICE and GRATITUDE, which are reflected in the relationship between businesses and customers, employees and investors. NC Network wishes to accompany development, for the benefits of all parties, each employee of NC Network is constantly learning, creating, and continuously improving to work more and more effectively, creating more valuable connections for business and society, so that regardless of a single unit or person when participating in NC Network's ecosystem, will receive useful value.
Behavioral culture
Logo meaning

Logo meaning

ロゴマークの中で描かれている、中心の「二重線のリング」の周囲にある4つの「三角形」は、それぞれの企業のピラミッド(系列)を意味します。そして、中心の「二重線のリング」は、NCネットワークが提供する情報ネットワークを意味します。今までそれぞれの「ピラミッド」(系列)の壁や国境に阻まれて困難だった、異なる系列間・異業種間・系列内部での中抜き受発注・国境を越えた受注を、「二重線のリング」(NCネットワークが提供する情報ネットワーク)を活用していただくことで、系列の壁や国境を越えた取引や情報交換可能になるということを、このロゴマークは意味しています。NCネットワークは系列・国境を越えた取引が、日本の製造業すべてのさらなる発展を促すものであると信じています。Shown in the NC Network Logo, the four triangles represent separate business ecosystems in the supply chain, and the two circles represent information provided by the NC Network. To this day, we still have difficulty in connecting business due to space and country barriers between ecosystems. Through the logo, we want to convey the potential of information exchange and transactions to overcome barriers separating ecosystems or national borders if businesses can take advantage of "Two circles" (Information Network). global information provided by NC Network) to cooperate in international orders, direct orders (without intermediaries) between different business ecosystems, different industries or within the ecosystems themselves that.. NC Network believes that cross-ecosystem/border transactions will contribute to the further development of the manufacturing industry.

NC network global

We work to support manufacturing enterprises all over the world - with the world's #1 network of manufacturers.

Head Office

NC Network Co., Ltd.

Global network

NC Network America (NC Network, Inc.)

Factory Network China (Factory Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

NC Network Asia Co., Ltd.

NC Network Việt Nam (NC Network Viet Nam JSC)