FBC ASEAN is an international trade fair specifically for the manufacturing industry, bringing together hundreds of businesses from both domestic and international markets every year, with estimated trade value reaching tens of millions of dollars.
98% of businesses participating in FBC are satisfied with the costs involved, and 95% plan to participate in the next fair. These impressive numbers are achieved thanks to the excellent benefits of FBC ASEAN:
  1. Connecting businesses from different regions of the world: At FBC ASEAN, businesses have the opportunity to connect with manufacturing businesses both domestically and internationally, such as Japan, Thailand, ASEAN countries,...
  2. Specialization: 99% of businesses participating FBC ASEAN are from the manufacturing industry, allowing industry players to easily promote their brands to target customers, businesses, and partners.
  3. Gathering diverse buying and selling needs: Reduce the burden of businesses in searching for buying and selling partners both domestically and internationally. FBC ASEAN attracts over 300 exhibition booths, thousands of buyers and visitors, promising numerous potential trade opportunities.
  4. Offline-Online Trade Integration: In addition to the offline trade exhibition, FBC ASEAN also offers online trading, creating opportunities for businesses to connect beyond physical boundaries and optimize costs.
  5. Trade appointment scheduling on the system: Businesses can schedule trade appointments through the J-TECH system. Pre-scheduling helps businesses minimize time and costs when connecting with desired partners domestically and internationally, promote business information, and proactively arrange suitable and effective trade schedules.
  6. Multi-channel promotion: Businesses can promote their information through various media channels provided by the event organizers, including websites, fan pages, email marketing and more. Moreover, businesses can continue their promotion even after the exhibition ends, creating long-lasting and outstanding effects.
FBC ASEAN is a prominent trade event that started in 2017 and has continued to thrive ever since. Following the resounding success of FBC ASEAN 2023, the highly anticipated trade journey of FBC ASEAN 2024 is also set to begin rolling. Don't miss out on this wonderful trading opportunity by following the media channels of NC Network to be the first to receive updates when exhibition booths are open for sale!
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