There are few economic events that promise to bring diverse benefits to participating businesses like trade fairs. They not only help businesses promote their brand image and learn from experts and industry peers but also facilitate access to potential customers and partners.
In today's era of globalization and modernization, having a product display booth at trade exhibitions has become an essential activity in the development strategy of businesses. Among the countless trade shows available, FBC ASEAN stands out in the manufacturing industry with its exceptional features:
  • It is a trade fair EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to the manufacturing industry, with up to 99% of participating businesses belonging to the manufacturing sector.
  • Exhibitions available both ONLINE and OFFLINE: It is now easier than ever for businesses to seek trade opportunities, as FBC ASEAN caters to all their needs and overcomes any space-time constraints with optimized costs. In addition to the offline exhibition held in Hanoi from July 17-19, 2024, businesses can also participate in the online trade event scheduled to take place from September 25-27, 2024.
  • Pre-scheduled business meetings: Participating businesses and visitors can schedule trade meetings with potential partners. The event organizers support businesses and visitors in pre-registering for trade meetings through the system. Buyers can view information about suppliers participating in the exhibition to select potential partners. This method not only enhances the efficiency of trade by saving time and effort in searching for partners but also increases the chances of successful trade.
Following the success of FBC ASEAN 2023, we are pleased to announce that FBC ASEAN 2024 is preparing to launch, promising to be a breakthrough trade experience. Businesses should follow NC Network's media channels to be the first to be updated when the trade fair booth sales open and receive useful information about this event.
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