FBC ASEAN has always been one of the most prominent trade events for businesses in the supporting industry. So, what benefits will participating in FBC ASEAN 2024 bring to businesses?

  1. ONLINE & OFFLINE trade connection: Businesses can schedule appointments and engage in trade with 300+ businesses, including 40+ buyers from Vietnam, Japan, ASEAN...
  2. Access to a network of 40,000+ manufacturing businesses: Exhibiting businesses can utilize a permanent online business connection account on the website, showcasing production capabilities in 5 languages. The business connection platform receives 1,000,000 views per month.
  3. Wide-ranging multi-channel communication: Information about the exhibition and participating businesses is continuously updated across Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, China through email marketing, industry magazines, media outlets, social networks, etcetc...
  4. Participation in a circular business connection network: Beyond the exhibition framework, businesses will continue to receive information on business connections, orders, trade programs, and business support...
FBC ASEAN 2024 officially starts selling from December 14, 2024. Businesses registering to participate in the first month will receive a 20% discount voucher for their next service booking.
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